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about us

the bridge between dreams and reality, 

inspired from royal perfumes of ancient Persia with touch of modern and 

elegant niche perfumes. Made with passion with the highest quality ingredients that make you feel joy and prestige with each spray. With AKBARI perfume you feel noticed and remembered, not only with your elegant appearance, but with your unique and memorable smell as well.With AKBARI Perfume express yourself with your own style, you don’t need anyone’s approval, they need approval from you.

Our Story

Story begins over 2500 years ago, from the ancient land of poems, literature and PERFUMES, Persia. The time that kings and queens were expressing themselves with OUD, AMBER and MUSC.About 1400 years later when Zakariyya Razi made a revolution in perfume industry with creating the alcohol.
Centuries after those events AKBARI perfume house is born to inspire magical scents of ancient Persia, drafted by masters of niche perfumes in middle east, designed by highest level master perfumers in Europe. Ingredients collected and processed by the biggest and finest raw material company in Switzerland that selected the sophisticated Oud from India and Cambodia, Cedarwood from Usa and Morocco, Bergamot from Italy, Lavender from France, queens of spices , Saffron from Iran and legendary Rose of Bulgaria. Finally perfume get bottled and packaged with the latest Italian technology in Land of Roses and rainbows, Bulgaria.
What a magical journey! From ancient Persia, passing through half of Europe and reach to the land of Roses, Bulgaria!
House of AKBARI PERFUME is here to take you to the wonderland of scents with our masterpieces.
In this fairy tale, express yourself with fine art of the fragrance.
AKBARI perfume stands by you to present you the enchanting fragrance, in dignity of kings and queens

Our Philosophy

In the world that everyone try to be approved by others, we believe the only way to be truly unique is just to be yourself.

With choosing the right fragrance you will be yourself with your own signature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create remarkable scents with commitment to perfection and quality – developing highest concentration of perfume that will make you stand out among others and feel like king or queen.

Our perfumes will captivate you with every spray you apply.