The story begins more than 2,500 years ago, in the ancient land of poetry, literature and perfume, Persia. The time when kings and queens used OUD, AMBER and MUSC. About 1400 years later, Zakariyya Razi revolutionized the perfume industry with the creation of alcohol.

Centuries following events the perfume house AKBARI, created to rediscover the magical scents of ancient Persia, designed by master perfumers of the highest level in Europe. Ingredients collected and processed in Switzerland's largest and best raw materials company, which selected the refined Oud from India and Cambodia, Cedarwood from the USA and Morocco, Bergamot from Italy, Lavender from France, the Queen of Spices, Saffron from Iran and the legendary rose To Bulgaria. The perfumes are bottled and packed with the latest Italian technology in the Land of Roses, Bulgaria.

What a magical journey! From ancient Persia, passing through half of Europe and reaching the land of Roses, Bulgaria!
The perfume house AKBARI PERFUME is here to take you to the wonderland of fragrances with our masterpieces.



We present to you our collection of perfumes that have been created with care and passion for the art of perfumery. Each of Akbari's fragrances is the result of years of experience and careful selection of high-quality ingredients from around the world.

Our master perfumers work with inspiration and precision, creating unique formulas that stand out for their individuality and elegance. They use the best ingredients from different regions of the world to create perfumes of exquisite aroma and sophistication. Our niche perfumes are a combination of harmonious shades that give each composition a unique and unrepeatable character. Every drop of our niche fragrances reflects the passion and precision with which they are created.

With Akbari Perfumes you will enjoy an aromatic journey through the world of fine perfumery. Choose the niche brand and pamper yourself with the aroma of uniqueness and quality.


The individuality of our fragrances is the key to the true elegance and feeling it brings you.

Perfume House AKBARI perfume combines modern art with classical motifs and oriental notes by creating perfume extracts that reveal the individuality of everyone who touches our art.
The modern spirit of our extracts is the result of the skillful combination of rare ingredients that our Master Perfumers use to build complex perfume compositions to offer our customers a treasure in a bottle.

We at AKBARI PERFUME perfume house are creating a revolution in perfumery, through the main focus on our customers and their innermost desires. The cosmopolitan world of fresh flowers, woody notes and oud, we also know that perfume says more about a person than their own handwriting.

Mall Paradise

Address: Sofia - Mall Paradise - /level 0/
Work time:10:00 до 22:00
Phone: 0877 447 449


Mall Serdika

Address: Sofia - Mall Serdika /level -1/
Work time: 10:00 до 22:00
Phone: 0877 447 449


The Mall

Address: Sofia - The Mall /level 0/
Work time: 10:00 до 22:00
Phone: 0877 447 449


53 Bulgaria blvd.

Address: Sofia - #54 Bulgaria boulvd.
Work time: 10:00 до 20:00
Phone: 0877 447 449

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