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A rich scent of chocolate, caramel and patchouli comes from our new fragrance ALWAYS YOU, which will excite your senses and delight you with every spray. Gentle notes of apple and white flowers intertwine with woody amber and sandalwood to provide density and longevity to this atypical scent.


With BLACK SANTAL you do not need to say a word to impress people,
this perfume will do it all for you.

Semi strong woody perfume with precious SANDALWOOD, with blend of CEDAR, SAFFRON and BLACK PEPPER finish.

TOP: black pepper, cumin

HEART: iris, rose, saffron

BASE: amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk


MUSC COUTURE is the new chapter of sensational niche musky perfume. Rich blend of musk with notes of skins like suede and saffron to give cashmere feel.

Perfume character: floral, woody, musky, powdery, amber

TOP: mandarin, lemon
HEART: jasmine, orris, rose, gardenia
BASE: musk, cedarwood, vanilla


Do you have a date?
Apply passion and already you won the game with POKER FACE.Twist of woody leathery and amber notes with elegant top fruity notes.

Perfume character: woody, amber, fruity, spicy, leather

TOP: lime, lemon, grapefruit, cassis
HEART: orange flower, aquatic accord, jasmine, nutmeg, pink peppercorn, cardamom
BASE: blonde woods, amber wood, cedarwood, santal wood, leather, musk


Give it a try and you will be in wonderland with your own name and signature. SAFFRON BLOOM is a sweet woody perfume that capture you with moss crystals and vanilla notes with blend of queen of spices, saffron.

Perfume character: woody, mossy, sweet, spicy, floral.

TOP: orange, cardamom, mandarin, raspberry
HEART: pepper, geranium, rose, cyperus
BASE: moss crystals, vanilla, saffron, muse, labdanum


RUBY ROUGE is a perfume for the people who want to be noticed and remembered.

RUBY ROUGE is a sweet woody fragrance with rich top fruity notes.

Perfume character: woody, amber, fruity, floral, powdery

TOP: raspberry, passionfruit, pineapple, cassis
HEART: peach blossom, lily of the valley, peony
BASE: vanilla, drift of amber, cedarwood, patchouli, musk


ATOOSA OUD, a magical scent for the paeople who don’t take “NO” for an answer.  An oriental woody perfume with a blend of tonka beans with

charming gourmand finishing touch.

Perfume character: oriental, woody, tonka, gourmand, rose

TOP: candied cardamom, quince, pecan nut

HEART: rose, carnation, suede, vetiver

BASE: white oud, tonka beans, vanilla, benzoin, musk


With ACE OF HEARTS you will have the right card
to winany game and any heart.

A sweet woody milky perfume
with surprising touch of frangipani notes.

Perfume character: floral, oriental, woody, milky, frangipani

TOP: lemon, plum, ylang ylang, neroli

HEART: rose, jasmine, cedarwood

BASE: vanilla, milky notes, amber, musk